Kind Words From Our Wonderful Clients

“I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shelby and Define Curious for the past three years, and let me just get all the wows Wow wow wow wow From her client relations, the way in which she gets right into the WHY of your company, and designing a killer BRAND (not a logo, a BRAND) that really steps companies up into the next level, this is elite stuff, and it's at an amazing value. Seriously, don't sleep on your company's image. Don't trip over dollars to pick up pennies. Make the choice that lets everybody know your business means business, and that's Shelby.” - Mike Cook, Mike Cook Media & Video Production of Edmonton
“Shelby, I want to thank you for the amazing job you did to update my business card. I wanted my card to reflect the unique experience we offer. Your ingenuity to create a card that could capture our services was remarkable. I appreciated that you allowed me to have ample opportunity to go back-and-forth with you through the creative process. I knew what I wanted but I didn’t know what it would look like. You took my words and created the product for me. Whether it’s in my dispensary, weight loss clinic, travel clinic or at any networking event my clinic is able to convey the message I need to ensure my vision for my brand is on point. As an aside I attended my first networking event with it last week and the card was drawn for a door prize how’s that for a sign at this card will serve me well.” - Suhas Thaleshvar, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #365
“I engaged Shelby of Define Curious to provide me a new visual identity for my business. As a business consultant and trainer, It is important that I project a professional image through the many touchpoints I have with potential and current clients. Shelby spent over 90 minutes in our initial consultation digging into my company’s value proposition, services and ideal clients. I already received value from some of the “Ah Ha!” insights she drew from me. Shelby presented me with a number of visual concepts and associated key messages they intended to deliver. We worked collaboratively through the drafts to land on my preferred images and word mark. I am pleased with both the process and reactions I am already getting from my company’s new look. I will readily recommend Shelby to any business associate and entrepreneur who wishes to present a professional image and deliver their company message through visual means.” - Stuart Muir, Prusik Innovations
“Our company, Harco Manufacturing Inc., has changed dramatically over the past two years. This past spring, we decided that it was time to celebrate this evolution and rebrand our definition of who were are as a company today. As this process would involve a total makeover and professional expertise, we contacted Shelby at Define Curious to help us rebrand our logo, create a company tagline, and re-design our business cards. Over the course of 2 or 3 meetings (and numerous emails), Shelby gathered our company’s background information, history and culture and got to know our company’s personality. She then came back with what we all know is the absolute best marketing image for Harco Manufacturing Inc. Shelby managed to take elements from our past logo and our work (the steel beams we work with every day) and mesh them with the reminder of who we had lost (our president and dear friend Eimert Hartog) to create our new logo; she helped us visualize what we could not put into words. Shelby’s passion and enthusiasm for her work, her extensive knowledge in her field, and her ability to fulfill her client’s needs is tantamount to the success of her business. I would therefore highly recommend Shelby at Define Curious for any graphic design work imaginable. She was a delight to work with and Harco Manufacturing is looking forward to working with her on future projects. In short, and to quote Shelby’s mantra, we at Harco Manufacturing think Shelby is “awesome, awesome, awesome!” - Vern Paul, Harco Manufacturing Inc.
“Shelby was AWESOME. So creative and went the extra mile to find a printer who would do specifically what I needed. Very professional. I couldn't be happier. If you take a look at the photo I included, this design is a plastic card printed on both sides. The “O”/crosshairs in “Scope” is transparent and lines up with the crosshairs on the other side of the card. Shelby went above and beyond just designing the card - she also searched far and wide and found a printer who would print plastic cards double-sided, and for a great price too.” - David Bates, TruScope Home Inspections
“Shelby was truly amazing during the process of designing our new Ground electrical business sign. We wanted something that would stand out that blended with our current image while creating a new and fresh look. We would recommend Shelby with Define Curious to everyone that is in need of being taken care of. She will most defiantly get the job done!!” - Steve Almeida, Ground Electrical Contractors
“Define Curious helped me define my brand identity with complete professionalism and expertise. I love the custom logo and working with Shelby is a dream.” - Amy Senecal, Amy Senecal Photography
“Thank you so much for the hard work you put in to providing the graphic design work I needed for various projects, most recently, the design work for my chocolate bar wrappers and the design and vector files for the moulds for the chocolate bars themselves. I am pleased with how you worked with me to understand what image I had in mind for the bars and for the finished product. This was a learning experience for me, and I can truly say I am ecstatic with how things worked out. I am also very impressed with how you worked so well with Brian Greening, our chapter Chocolatier to collaborate toward the end result that I was looking for. You and Brian make an excellent team, and I won't hesitate to refer you to anyone needing graphic design work personally or for their business.” - Perry Bennett, Black Edge Advisory Inc.
“I absolutely loved working with Shelby. She redesigned my business cards for me. We met for coffee and she had lots of questions. She sat there and listened to everything about my business. My business cards came out perfect. She was so easy to work with. I would highly recommend Define Curious!” - Vannessa Jespersen, My Rustic Creations
“Shelby did an outstanding job helping us with everything we needed to get our bake shop up and running! From logo design and business cards to our menu’s and website. We highly recommend her .” - Anita Abriotti, Caught In The Cookie Jar
“Shelby has been a great partner in developing the visual identity of Traverse Business Coaching. Shelby’s passion for excellent design and drive to exceed customer expectations is both infections and inspiring. I have been thrilled to recommend Shelby on several occasions to friends and clients and without fail, Shelby has impressed them with her professionalism and imaginative work. Shelby’s input into the visual identity of Traverse has helped differentiate my company as a top service provider and has allowed me to generate more business. I unreservedly recommend Shelby and look forward to building our business together.” - Nick Scott, Traverse Business Coaching
“Hi Shelby, I just got back from Saskatoon, made a sale and had lots of interest in the TireGrabber- many farmers wanting one. Also I had a lot of compliments and positive remarks on my brochures. I’m really happy with them. I’m working on placing an ad in an agricultural magazine and the guy I spoke with was very impressed with your work. He thought you would do a better job than they could. Thanks again for your help.” - Darcy Goossen, TireGrabber
“Shelby is so lovely! Her process is so thorough and she truly takes the time to understand your business and create a brand that resonates with your mission.” - Meghann Wendell, Wendell Mortgages by The Mortgage Minds