Iolite Financial

Iolite Financial Rebrand

Powerful storytelling and carefully crafted details are at the heart of the Iolite Financial rebrand and its mission to guide clients towards a better financial future. 

Our Approach
A boutique investment and insurance firm, Iolite Financial was seeking a rebrand that would align with its mission of helping clients achieve financial freedom and prepare for a better future. Our solution was to develop a meaningful business name and logo design to illustrate how Iolite Financial assists clients in reaching their wealth and security goals.


Once regarded as the Viking’s Compass, the iolite gemstone was said to be a navigational tool to locate the sun during travel on overcast days. Depending on the angle it was viewed, the stone would turn brilliant purple or blue to aid Vikings in the exploration of new lands. As Iolite Financial’s customers often face unique challenges based on their lifestyle and ambitions, this narrative aligned with the company’s approach to guiding clients toward their insurance and investment goals.


In addition to iolite’s captivating colour, purple was used in the identity for its psychological associations with wealth, wisdom and creativity—all qualities of Iolite Financial’s process in finding the right solutions for their clients’ needs.


Letterforms I and F are incorporated into the Viking Ship’s mast and sail to reference Iolite Financial’s company name. Additionally, they represent the support and driving force that propels their clients to success.


A silhouette of a coin forms the backdrop of the logo’s sailing Viking ship icon. This was designed to connect the identity to the finance industry and the services Iolite Financial offers.


Framing Iolite Financial’s brand mark is a strong serif typeface featuring the company’s name. The capitalized format communicates Iolite Financial’s professionalism and trust and ensures the title is clear and distinct to customers.


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